Jorge Lorenzo 2015 MotoGP world champion
Jorge Lorenzo 2015 MotoGP world champion

The last few races have been anything but a PR disaster for everybody involved. There will always be many versions and analysis of what we saw over the last month or so. But the simple truth is that there were two deserving champions at the final race. Circumstances and wrong decisions made one start from the back and the other rode a champions race to stay at the front. Jorge Lorenzo may never really be charismatic or even know the right things to say at the right time, but the fact is he does not need to. He is here to race and that he did in plenty this season. Both him and Valentino Rossi have been at their personal best this year. Rossi was smart and amassed points with consistency while Lorenzo surely the faster rider on most days won more races. Yamaha could not have asked for a better season. There are a lot of people who are focusing on how the season could have been better without the politricks that went down, but the way we look at it, any publicity is good publicity. MotoGP probably in a long time had the biggest viewership ever, on and off track. While the charisma of the whole event took a hit, the actual hit rates took a massive hike.

Coming back to the race, Jorge Lorenzo rode his usual best and took off at the front. Rossi says that Marquez was shielding Lorenzo and never really made any pass at him. Even if that is the truth, we will never know, not in a million years and honestly we do not care. We wanted to see a race and we did. We wanted to see Rossi and Lorenzo try their very best, and they did. We wanted a rollercoaster of emotions during the race and we got it. What happens off the track are just opinions and plausibilities. Champions are not made in a race, and we saw two of the best battle it all year long with other champions and nudge ahead into a battle of their own. This will be probably the best year MotoGP has ever had and ends on the promise that the next will be even better.


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