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We first saw the Honda RC213V-S at the EICMA last year and since then were concerned only with one aspect. Of course we knew what it would look like, design and dimensions wise it would be almost similar to factory spec RC213V. But what we really wanted to know was, what spec it would carry. To be more precise, the power, the weight and what MotoGP electronic wizardry would trickle down. Honda officially unveiled the RC213V-S ahead of the MotoGP race weekend at Catalunya and even had Casey Stoner come over for a parade lap. Only about 200 (we think 213, get it?) of these will ever be hand built at the Honda factory in Kumamoto and will be available for sale only in Japan, U.S., Europe and Australia. It will be available in two colour options, the HRC, (Tricolour) red-white-blue and the unpainted CFRP type (Carbon) one, both versions have carbon fibre panels. Additionally a sport kit is also available specifically for track use at an extra cost. Much was expected from this bike as it comes from the same gene pool that the MotoGP prototype took shape from. Let’s dive into the details.

The Honda RC213V-S was built as a road going version of the RC213V prototype. Which means a lot of the actual prototype parts has made way for some not so excotic parts. The pneumatic valves are replaced by the regular coil springs and the very special seamless transmission is replaced by a conventional gearbox. Front discs are stainless steel and then the usual road going “must haves” have been added – Headlight, Taillight, License plate lamps, Front and rear turn signals, Rearview mirrors, Speedometer, Muffler with a catalyst, License plate holders, Horn, Honda Smart Key, Self starter and of course a side stand. All these additions means that now the Honda RC213V-S weighs 170 kgs dry and has an approx wet weight of 190 kgs wet. But this is not the most disappointing number yet.

Depending on which market you are buying the Honda RC213V-S from, the max power available in road going trim is, 159 Ps for the Europe and Australia version, France version makes 102 Ps, Japan version makes 70 Ps and the U.S. version gets 101 Ps. The only way to see it making some decent power is with the sports kit, which needs to be bought extra. This reduces the dry weight by about 10 kgs and power output is increased to 210 Ps. Honda have not really clarified anything about the chassis, but we expect similar spec one to the RCV1000R in the MotoGP open category. The only place that seems to really show some MotoGP tech is in the electronics department. The Honda RC213V-S gets five ride modes, traction control system based on the GP bikes, engine braking control system, a quickshifter, and an inertial measurement unit (IMU).

There are a lot of ways to look at the Honda RC213V-S. But we are certain Honda are aiming for the motorcycle as more of a collectors item. And for sure these will be sold like hot cakes on a Friday evening due to its relation with the MotoGP world. Prices are sky high with the Honda RC213V-S costing $184,000 in the U.S., €188,000 in the Europe, ¥21,900,000 in Japan and $244,000 in Australia. For those wondering, that’s about INR 1.18 crore before taxes. Bookings begin exclusively on the RC213V-S special website on July 13, 2015.


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