Harley Davidson Project Livewire Sepang

Project Livewire is Harley Davidson’s big attempt to enter the world of electric motorcycles. Instead of directly just putting it into production Harley Davidson has taken its electric motorcycle concept all over the world to get feedback and suggestions to fine tune the motorcycle to be more widely accepted. In this day and age with electrics still not really catching up in popularity, a good decision indeed. Harley Davidson just concluded the Project Livewire experience at the Sepang in Malaysia, Asia. Basically the experience event targets to get in riders from all phases and social segments of life. This will enable Harley Davidson to get the most diverse amount of feedback and a lot of directions and ideas to work with. Last year Harley Davidson got a total of 16,000 feedbacks and a total amount of 7000 riders and this year with the Project Livewire experience tour going global, that number will multiply many fold.

This Project Livewire Harley comes with an electric motor that can make about 74 horses of power and 70.5 Nm of torque. No official word has been released on the range the motorcycle can do on a full charge, but with the current battery technology we expect it to be around 100 miles, making it a stylish way to commute. What is interesting is that even with the batteries the bike weighs only 208 kgs. Now will we see the Project Livewire in India? We really expected to see it at the recently concluded India Bike Week, considering that it is predominantly a Harley Davidson event. But since it was not shown there, the likelihood of an India presentation in highly unlikely. Of course we sure do hope it comes in.

Harley Davidson Project Livewire Sepang Malaysia


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