Fully faired Suzuki Gixxer 155 spotted
Fully faired Suzuki Gixxer 155

We knew this was coming thanks to earlier spy photos, but what we have here is the clearest image yet of the new and pretty much launch ready fully faired version of the Suzuki Gixxer 155. Rumour mills suggest that the name could be Suzuki Gixxer SLK or even the legendary name GSX-R, writing on the fairing suggests it could be called the Suzuki Gixxer GxF aswell. We shall have that confirmed only at launch but what is confirmed is the fact that the motorcycle exists and the images seen before were not just a mod job. This photograph clearly taken inside a Suzuki plant. The side profile really looks good and the Suzuki MotoGP livery inspired colour scheme does make it look appealing. But from the front, it looks like a wannabe Hayabusa. Now there is nothing wrong in carrying down a design inspiration from the flagship but the Hayabusa’s design lines clearly require bigger dimensions to pull it off. Just like in the case of the CBR250R/150R we feel they have taken the inspiration from the wrong bigger brother. Something similar to the original big, mean GSXR or even a half fairing like that on the Bandit 1200 would have been more appropriate in our opinion.

Everything else on this new Suzuki seems to be carried forward from the existing Gixxer. Clearly Suzuki trying to emulate the Yamaha FZ and Fazer series. The Gixxer 155 is definitely a very good and fun motorcycle and as we found out during its review, it is a strong contender for the best bike in its segment. With a smooth and peppy engine it surely won us over. The only issue we had was with the ground clearance and now with the full faired version on the cards it really needs to be seen whether Suzuki can sort out that issue. As usual no official word from Suzuki regarding even the existence of the faired Gixxer. Either ways we expect a launch in April.


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