ducati monster 795 india
Ducati Monster 795 – presented at the Auto Expo 2012

It has been a rough road for Ducati in India. When they first made their entry in India they chose to do so via importers and not exactly in an official capacity. And this decision backfired pretty bad for them. Their first dealership to run into troubled waters was the Bangalore Ducati dealership that fell into one legal tussle after the other. Then it was issues with service and other customer care related issues that totally ruined their image. And then it was too late and even the importer had jumped ship due to reasons that is best untold and finally Ducati India wound up operations. A sad story indeed for the Italian motorcycle superbrand. Then came the take over of Ducati by Audi (Volkswagen) and soon enough they announced that Ducati will be back in India and will come back in a grand way. They also said that due to the Audi connection they will also leverage on the existing vast network of dealers.

Come 2015 and work has already begun on the dealership in Gurgaon. From what we can gather from our source in Delhi, there will be one more showroom in Mumbai and later on one in Bangalore. Mumbai already has a Ducati showroom since long, but again those are independent importers, currently it is unsure how both will coexist. The Gurgaon showroom opening has been announced on March 18th and only then shall we know more details on what exactly Ducatis India plans are. The lineup for India will definitely include the entire Ducati range. We certainly hope the Monster 795 also makes it here. Not much of it has been heard about ever since Ducati closed shop earlier. The Ducati Scrambler would be another interesting motorcycle in the entry segment. Of course all the motorcycles would be CKD’s and it would be very long before Ducati even thinks of making them here. So March 18th is the date and do check back here for the latest. Also do not forget to download the IAMABIKER android app to get the latest on the go.


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