Ducati India is back and operational
Ducati is back! Dealerships open in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Delhi. Bangalore next.

The first official press release from Ducati India is here, they are back and stronger than before. No big gala, no big PR stunt, they are just back and right into the thick of things. Ducati India have announced that the dealerships in Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai are ready for operations and are of exactly of global Ducati standards. In fact the Gurgaon Ducati dealership is the largest Ducati showroom in the world. Ducati promises that all dealerships open now and coming up shortly will provide the complete Ducati owner experience from premium customer care, to highly trained professionals working on the bikes and unique customer centric activities similar to their global events. Apart from the three dealerships that is operational now, Ducati for sure be expanding that number exponentially by the end of this year with the next dealership coming up in Bangalore shortly.

All dealerships will start selling the latest 2015 models and even the just announced Ducati Scrambler will make it to India. The Indian arm of Ducati will be called ‘Ducati India Pvt. Ltd’ and is headed by Mr. Ravi Avalur. The official press release is vague on exactly what models will be available in India and there is no mention about the pricing as well. Luckily we did get hold of the Ducati India prices couple of weeks ago and we must say they do look good. This time around things do look good and better than before. Last time around it was not just the customers who had a bad time with the establishment. News portals, websites and several moto journalists were blatantly ignored and kept out of developments, news and basically anything to do with even testing. We sure hope to report a different story in the coming weeks.


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