DSK Hyosung GD250R India
Hyosung GD250R

DSK Motowheels has been committed to bringing in motorcycles from across the world to India. First it was the Hyosung brand and the latest being that of Benelli. Right from the early days with Hyosung, DSK has always reiterated how much they wanted to localise the Hyosung brand to drive costs down. The DSK Hyosung motorcycles even without the heavy localisation has been selling pretty well and are among the top selling big bikes in India. It was with this localisation in mind that they had earlier announced a massive 400 crore investment to develop their own site and plant for current and future models. But now they have deviated slightly from this huge investment plan and will be moving into an already existing setup in Pune. With a total investment of 95 crores, of which 75 will be for revamping the premises and the remaining for the equipment, DSK Hyosung will target an annual capacity of 5000 motorcycles. The new facility will be operational in the next 8 months.

The highlight of this big shift is that, along with the increased production capacity, DSK Hyosung will also try to achieve 80% localisation of parts through component makers within India. The process of localisation will be a long one because each component has to be built to the right quality and rigourously tested. DSK Hyosung estimate a time period of approximately 18 months to achieve their localisation target. Along with the target of opening the new plant, DSK Hyosung will also be expanding their product portfolio in India. Motorcycles expected to be launched by DSK Hyosung include the GD250R and the GD250N and also a 300cc cruiser which seems to be a mystery machine as we are not quite sure what it is. The GD250R and GD250N are single cylinder machines based on the same platform and we know for sure that DSK Hyosung have been working on its localisation for more than a year now. So expect a killer pricing for these two motorcycles.


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