DSK Benelli - Shirish Kulkarni - George Wang - Bangalore - Bengaluru
DSK Benelli Bangalore inauguration with Mr. Shirish Kulkarni & Mr. George Wang at Vinayak Cars and Bikes.

Last Friday saw the opening of the Bangalore dealership of the DSK Benelli motorcycles. Located right at Richmond Circle in Bangalore the dealership is under the care of Vinayak Cars and Bikes and is currently one of the biggest and most elaborate DSK Benelli showrooms in India. The showroom was inaugurated by top brass from the DSK Benelli group which included Mr. Shirish Kulkarni and George Wang. At the launch the showroom had 5 different models of the DSK Benelli on display which included the TNT 300 M, TNT 600i, TNT 600 GTS, TNT 899 and the TNT 1130 R. DSK Benelli is also offering 24*7 breakdown service as well in all cities that it has a dealership in. The DSK Benelli Bangalore showroom also had its first customer key handover on opening day. The price list is as follows.

DSK Benelli Bangalore on road price list

  • TNT 300 M – Rs. 2,88,000/- (ex-showroom with MRF tyres) – Rs. 3,44,475/- on road
  • TNT 300 P – Rs. 2,97, 000/- (ex-showroom with Pirelli tyres) – Rs. 3,54,956/- on road
  • TNT 600i – Rs. 5,24,000/- (ex-showroom) – Rs. 6,24,797/- on road
  • TNT 600 GT – Rs. 5,72,000/- (ex-showroom) – Rs. 6,80,743/- on road
  • TNT 600 GTS – Rs. 6,09,000/- (ex-showroom with panniers) – Rs. 7,23,869/- on road
  • TNT 899 – Rs. 9,65,000/- (ex-showroom) – Rs. 11,50,804/- on road
  • TNT 1130 R – Rs. 12,02,000/- (ex-showroom) – Rs. 14,27,039/- on road


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