Dani Pedrosa 2015
Dani Pedrosa

It never is easy to take a break from what you love doing. And when that thing you love doing is also the way you make a living, it sure is extra tough. An arm pump issue has plagued MotoGP rider Dani Pedrosa for more than a year now. Although he has already undergone surgery to correct this issue, it seems to have cropped right back in. The MotoGP 2015 season opener has just concluded and Dani Pedrosa who looked to have a very promising 2015 season now faces the threat of a career ending problem. The basic issue is such that when the forearm muscles come under pressure, they begin to expand abnormally and not in the right shape and direction. This causes excruciating pain, for him to have even completed the race last weekend is an achievement.

Dani Pedrosa flew down to meet specialists in Barcelona and Madrid immediately after the race weekend at Qatar. He is now scheduled to have surgery on April 3rd with an anticipated recovery time of two to four weeks. This means that he will surely miss the Austin and Argentina rounds of the MotoGP championship. Honda have announced that their official MotoGP test rider Hiroshi Aoyama will be Dani Pedrosa’s replacement for these two rounds. A lot of speculation burst out on who will be the replacement and there was a lot of fan backing to see former champion Casey Stoner back on the Honda. Sadly he has denied and made it very clear that he will not be racing in MotoGP again. However he did confirm that he will be taking part in the Suzuki 8 hour championship.

Dani Pedrosa

“Obviously this isn’t the news I wanted to be sharing with everyone. However, after speaking with some key doctors and medical professionals that I trust, they are all in agreement that this is the only option for me. We will have the surgery on Friday and they will use a special technique to help close the wound to try and prevent this issue continuing to affect me. Let’s hope it’s a success. I want to thank all my fans for their support, but especially Honda, Repsol, Red Bull and all our sponsors for their understanding in this matter.”


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