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If you always thought that the big adventure motorcycles from KTM and BMW were bulky and would actually be tough to handle in real life, you actually would not be far from the truth. These motorcycles do in fact need a different skill set to ride and a lot of miles under your belt on it before you can reach anywhere near their limits. Most of us will never reach that place and that sort of riding requires a pair of titanium ‘you know what’ to do. Chris Birch is one such chap who really has no limits when it comes to riding motorcycles all day long in a way that quite literally keeps ours jaws drop wide open. Check out the video we have here and see for yourself as the man takes this machine, the KTM 1190 Adventure and rides it around in ways that normal souls like us could never phantom. Oh and did we forget to mention? Chris Birch is an Enduro Champ.


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