new mrf revz fc1 and fc for ktm duke and rc 390

The KTM Duke and RC 390, two brilliant and involving motorcycles at the price point they come in. Credit in part for this brilliance goes to the stock Metzeler tyres that the 390 brothers come with. But like they say, good things come at a price and a pair of Metzelers will cost you about 16 grand and tyre life due to the extra sticky nature is about 10,000 kms. A cheaper alternative to the stock Metzelers on the Duke and RC 390 was really need in the market and MRF is the first company to respond. MRF already makes tyres for the Duke 200, but on the 390’s those tyres would not match the performance requirements. The new MRF Revz FC1 (110/70/17) and MRF Revz C1 (150/60/17) are a perfect cheap and pocket friendly alternative to the costly Metzelers. The MRF Revz FC1 is for the front and is priced at Rs. 2683/-. The MRF Revz C1 is the rear tyre and is priced at Rs. 3600/-. In total that means you are saving almost ten thousand rupees.

But there has to be a downside right? The trade off is in the grip offered. These new MRF tyres the Revz FC1 and FC offer lesser grip than the super soft compound made Metzelers. Now would you notice this difference in grip in a daily use scenario? Most likely not. Almost all the customers of the the Duke and RC 390 would be focusing on city riding and occasional touring. These riders will be perfectly happy with the grip offered. Only the track regulars and the real performance enthusiasts will actually even feel the difference. Although the one place that you will feel the difference for sure is when you are riding in the wet. Nothing on offer currently comes close to the stock Duke / RC 390 tyres. So in short the MRF Revz FC1 and C1 are a good enough and most importantly a cheaper alternative to the pricey stock tyres.


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