bmw f 800 gs india
BMW Motorrad to assemble bikes in India

If this information from AutoCarIndia is true, then it could be a huge relief for the BMW Motorrad (Motorcycles) fans in India. To be competitive in the Indian premium motorcycle market BMW Motorrad has decided to start assembling a select range of their motorcycles here in India. This would drastically drive down the costs of these motorcycles allowing them to be priced closer to other premium brands like Triumph/ Kawasaki and the upcoming Benelli and Ducati. About time this happened because essentially we never had ‘BMW Motorrad’ in India, we just had BMW dealerships importing the bikes, hence the exorbitant prices.

The first few motorcycles that could see being assembled here are from the lower capacity GS range that includes the G 650 GS, G 650 GS Sertäo, F 700 GS and the BMW F 800 GS. Just for reference the F 650 GS which was launched here in India was priced at an ex-showroom price close to 10 lakhs. We will know the exact (reduced) prices after this local assembly only after an official statement. Also for now it is not clear whether BMW will opt for a CKD or an SKD operation. Surely, if BMW cars can be totally made in India at the Chennai plant then the bikes deserve a CKD route at least. What is interesting is that, with the TVS-BMW partnership we expected the CKD operation to happen at the TVS facility, something similar to what BajajKawasaki does. But probably since BMW already has a very extensive car dealership network across India it would be easier and more cost effective for them to leverage on this network and use the existing huge setup at Chennai to accommodate the motorcycle assembly. Does that mean you could see BMW Motorcycles soon at a BMW car dealer near you? Honestly, we do not know. BMW Motorrad has not issued a statement on its plans for India. Rest assured, the moment they do, we will get you all the details right here.


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