Pulsar RS 200 HD wallpaper10 years from now we when we look at all the things that has happened in the motorcycling scene of India, the brand Pulsar will surely stand out as the one that really started the sharp surge in demand for performance bikes. With its strong beefy looks there where not many motorcycle enthusiasts that did not want one at some point. Over the years we have seen the Pulsars evolve and right now we basically have two base designs that co-exist under the Pulsar brand name. The original bloodline still continues and sort of still remains the favourite of everybody out there. The design has received very subtle changes while quality and refinement has gone up over the years. The new age Pulsars started with the Pulsar 200 NS and now that has expanded into the Pulsar RS 200, Pulsar AS 200 and Pulsar AS 150. These Pulsars are a big step forward when you compare it to the original Pulsar series. Better handling, better engine and almost anything you point at is an improvement. One of the key reasons that Bajaj remains successful is because they tick the very important checkbox of being value for money. Latest technology, powerful engines, funky designs and easy to maintain motorcycles, all coming in at very competitive prices. On the flip side the only place that you can really say a compromise has been made is in the build quality. Not that it is bad, but the fact that it could so easily have been so much better. Either ways we leave you with the Bajaj Pulsar on road price list for Bangalore.

Bajaj Pulsar on road price Bangalore

  • Pulsar 135 LS on road price – Rs. 76,832/-
  • Pulsar 150 on road price – Rs. 85,035/-
  • Pulsar 180 on road price – Rs. 88,806/-
  • Pulsar 200 NS on road price – Rs. 1,09,215/-
  • Pulsar 220 on road price – Rs. 1,03,520/-
  • Pulsar RS 200 on road price – Rs. 1,40,233/-
  • Pulsar RS 200 ABS on road price – Rs. 1,54,300/-
  • Pulsar AS 200 on road price – Rs. 1,09,215/-
  • Pulsar AS 150 on road price – – to be updated – 
  • *All prices as on 15/04/2015


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