ABS mandatory for two wheelers above 125 cc from 2017

If there is one feature that could make a world of a difference in the life of a motorcycle/scooter rider it is the ABS system. It compensates for a huge portion of a riders mistake by not allowing in the tyres to skid while braking hard or while braking on tricky surfaces where traction is low. While purists may say that it is all about the rider and it is his/her skill that matters, which by the way is true. We really cannot expect the lakhs of two wheeler buyers in India to hone their braking skills out of interest. The ABS will surely bail out a lot people from tight situations. So it comes as a very welcome move that ABS will be made compulsory on two wheelers in the 125 cc and above segment from 2017.

This move however is not without criticism from within the industry and also from the out side. Analysts claim that it will drive the ‘cost to customer’ high, resulting in a dip in sales. But the point to be noted is that a mass produced system could really be accommodated without a huge hike in price. Another interesting loophole is that manufactures could use 125 cc as a loophole. As in what happens to bikes and scooters of a 124 cc capacity. Maybe the rule could be enforced power wise, 8 – 10 BHP and above sounds about right. We just hope the law is clear on these aspects. Another funny aspect is the end user. A lot of customers do not even bother with a new battery when its due for a replacement. Another chunk of them will mess with the stock wiring for additional modifications. All this will of course affect the ABS system in the long run. But I guess we are being too skeptical here. ABS should be welcomed with arms wide open and we are sure that once people get a taste of the safety benefits, all will be well.


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