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2016 Triumph Speed Triple spotted testing

2016 Triumph Speed Triple spotted testing
2016 Triumph Speed Triple spotted testing

The blokes at Triumph are a busy bunch nowadays. Following the updates on the Tiger 800, Triumph is now busy updating the rest of the line up. And proof of this comes with the spotting of the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple. The original Speed Triple has been around for quite some time now. The motorcycle has over the years become a critical part of history, especially for the current generation of youth. From being part of unforgettable iconic movies like of Mission Impossible 2, to being a motorcycle that pretty much started the super powered naked evolution, the Speed Triple is an integral part of our motoring bloodline. So, to keep this iconic motorcycle alive for the next model year, Triumph are making sure it is upto date and does not miss out on the latest bells and whistles that are driving the industry.

The 2016 Triumph Speed Triple is expected to get a bunch of new electronics to further enhance the riding experience. Traction control and multi engine modes will most probably make an appearance along with a revised and updated ABS system. While power is expected to remain pretty much the same, there are changes to the exhaust system most probably to keep the bike within all environmental norms. The chassis remains the same and essentially so does everything else, but with the change in the exhaust system the motorcycle is expected to be slightly lighter than the motorcycle it replaces. Of course, like always there will be two versions of the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple, the basic and the ‘R’ version. The ‘R’ will have the stock Showa suspensions replaced by Ohlins and will mostly have two additional engine maps. It will also have higher performance Brembo brakes at both ends. Ride by wire is also expected to make an entry on the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple.

Although the market has gone ahead in terms of power with competitors providing as much as 180 horses on some of their nakeds, Triumph still has an edge when it comes to outright feel of the ride. The Speed Triple has never been about mind boggling acceleration but about class and style, and Triumph are making sure that this character about the motorcycle remains the same and are not yet experimenting too much with the winning formula.

2016 Triumph Speed Triple

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