Yamaha’s Mission 10000km

Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. flagged off its ‘Mission 10000KM’ with Bollywood star and Brand ambassador, John Abraham & Miss India 2014 Koyal Rana at National Stadium, New Delhi today. Mission 10000km is a holistic expedition in which the participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery aboard the FZS FI version 2.0. It’s an opportunity that is bound to have a lasting effect on each participant as they set out to take on this fun, yet gruelling trip of epic proportions while discovering India in the process astride a FZS FI version 2.0 with Blue Core. On this occasion, the company also gifted John Abraham his very own special edition of FZS FI Version 2.0 which John gladly accepted and took it for a short spin at the venue itself.

Mr. Masaki Asano –  Managing Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd

Yamaha is a young, sporty brand and we developed this initiative to encourage safe and congenial bike riding across the nation with a theme of ‘Discovering a whole new India in its truest form’. We have recently launched fuel injected ‘Yamaha FZ FI Version 2.0’ featuring our new technology concept called ‘Blue Core’ which stands for fun riding and economy which is also the official vehicle for this expedition. With such offerings and various customers connect initiatives like ‘Mission 10000KM’; we want to encourage the concept of ‘Touring’ in India. We are certain that our riders will have an experience of a lifetime on this amazing journey through India, discovering and exploring the many diverse cultures this country has to offer. I am sure by the end of this journey each one of them will have many stories to share for a lifetime.”

Promoted by Yamaha and in association with Zeegnition, Mission 10000km is an initiative to encourage safe and congenial bike riding across the nation with a theme of ‘Discovering a whole new India’. The touring will commence immediately post the flag off. The 20 chosen riders will be divided into two teams of 10 bikers each, one headed towards the East and the other, towards the West, before they converge and meet once again in Chennai which will be their final checkpoint.

Yamaha’s ‘Mission 10000km’

The 20 rider finalists were chosen after a round of auditions that included personal interviews and online voting. Over a thousand applications were received from across 9 cities. Only 20 out of these thousand passionate bikers stood a chance to ride free on the open roads of India, to explore the uncharted and live out their passion on a show that is not about competition, but about the joy of riding!


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