Suzuki Inazuma 250

Suzuki has just dropped a bomb in the market announcing that the price of the Inazuma 250 have been slashed by 1 lakh rupees. This translates to an on-road price of 2.43 lakhs in Mumbai and around that range in other cities. And just like that the formerly over priced Inazuma suddenly becomes a good value proposition for what it offers. Its still not clear as to how Suzuki Motorcycles India have achieved this cost drop. The Suzuki Inazuma was basically brought in as a CKD unit resulting in its not so competitive pricing, but now does this mean that Suzuki have started locally manufacturing the Inazuma? We wait for Suzuki to confirm. What’s more interesting is to note that there are talks hovering that existing customers will be refunded the difference. Again this has not been officially confirmed as it is a complicated affair especially when you take into account road tax and insurance values that have been calculated and paid based on the initial pricing.

The Suzuki Inazuma definitely scores a lot of points when it comes to quality. The twin cylinder makes it even more attractive. Forget the cylinder brag rights, the twin cylinder setup adds to a very stable, smooth and refined engine performance. The engine on the Inazuma produces 24 HP at 8500 RPM and torque figures lie at 22 Nm at 6500 RPM, low when you compare it to competition in the price range, but when you factor in bullet proof reliability, good mileage (approx 32 kmpl) and a refined comfortable ride, the Suzuki Inazuma starts to make good long term sense. Its not for the speed freaks out there, but for the mile munchers who want a hassle free ride that will just keep going on.


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