new Suzuki Hayate

The new updated Suzuki Hayate will be priced at Rs 44,969 Ex-Showroom-Delhi. The Suzuki Hayate colour options include – Glass Sparkle Black- Red Graphic (YVB), Glass Sparkle Black- Blue Graphic (ACX), Pearl Mirage White (YPA), Pearl Mira Red/Glass Sparkle Black (JSP), Pearl Moon Stone Grey (YWC). The bestselling motorcycle from Suzuki India, Hayate comes with many radical changes, focused on attractiveness, convenience, and smoother ride it offers. Like its brand ambassador Salman Khan, the electrifying heart of the Hayate is retained because it is a solid, entertaining performer for the masses.

The new Hayate comes in with a stunning, visually appealing new look. It gets a new fully painted side cowl with attractive graphics. What this does, is that apart from making the motorcycle look good, it has the added advantage of looking bigger and more imposing. While the new Hayate retains the 4-stroke, air-cooled, 112 cc engine, it has been fine-tuned significantly and the carburetor settings have also undergone improvement. The result is the Hayate offers a much smoother ride as well as improved mileage.  On the convenience front, the new Hayate now comes with a Maintenance Free Battery as well as tubeless tyres with broader rims. This will translate into hassle-free convenience for the rider as well as a much more stimulating and stable ride.

Mr. Atul Gupta, Executive Vice President, Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited.

“The brand new look for the Hayate is very attractive and the upgraded features mean that owners of the new Hayate get a smoother and more convenient ride on a striking motorcycle. At Suzuki, our endeavor is to constantly improve our products to ensure that we continuously satisfy our customers. The Hayate has performed well in all markets. We are sure that the new Hayate will provide a further impetus to our numbers.”

HAYATE – Commute daily in style 

The Hayate is a Japanese word meaning “Fresh Breeze” or “Swift wind”. Built with the thought of providing customers with a motorcycle that is comfortable and makes their daily travelling enjoyable, Hayate is a mileage value-packed product. The 4-stroke, air-cooled, 112 cc engine makes for a peppy ride. Its 10.5 liter fuel tank and unbeatable mileage cuts down trips to the petrol bunk even for daily commuters. The bike comes with aluminum cast wheels and front and rear drum brakes. The aggressive headlight, new-age fender and stylish rear lights give the Hayate a sleek and contemporary look.


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