kawasaki 4 cylinder 250 engine rebirth

Almost when news of another 250 from Kawasaki started to get boring, you know, because of all the flooding they are doing with different variations of singles and doubles, we finally have a 250cc news from Kawasaki that not just grabs attention but really has us glued on, and borderline desperate for more info. If the claims by the guys at TMCBlog are to be believed, they usually are spot on when it comes to scoops like these, then there may be a four cylinder 250cc in the making behind the closed doors of Kawasaki’s R&D centre. Why is this news exciting you may ask? Well lets just put it this way, think of a machine that will produce power in the area of about 40 -45 HP, weighs about 160- 170 kgs and can rev up to a mind boggling 16,000 to 18,000 RPM before you can say cheese. How awesome is that?

There was a time when these machines existed too, the Kawasaki ZX-2R (ZXR 250/ ZXRR) are perfect examples of what this configuration is capable of. Although these machines lost their game to the big rush for higher capacity machines back then, the trend for a pocket rocket that is a whole lot of fun and in many ways more manageable and efficient, is now coming back. Its always fun to ride a small capacity high revving bike fast than to ride a big capacity bike slow especially in a daily use kind of scenario. Anyways from what we could understand this new 4 cylinder 250 from Kawasaki would not exactly be based on the earlier quarter litres but more on the lines of a smaller ZX-6R. Bring it on we say. Hope this development goes through fast and we can at least get a glimpse of it in the near future.


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