Long drives and road trips are more popular than ever, and adventure lovers want to go the extra mile by opting for motorcycles. Of course, nothing matches the thrill of feeling the wind on your face. But motorcycling is a risky way to navigate the highway because accident statistics indicate going against riders. However, these figures should not keep you from experiencing the joy of long rides. You can have a good time and be safe on the highway, provided you commit to following some safety rules. While many of them are quite similar to city riding, you may have to follow extra ones to address the specific threats. Here is a list of highway safety tips every motorcyclist must follow.

Harley Owners Group in Goa at the parade held as part of 8th India H.O.G. Rally
Harley Owners Group

Know your route

Long-distance rides get much better when you know the route. You can go non-stop without worrying about taking wrong turns. Moreover, it gets better because you can ride in motorcycling lanes to be safe. But you cannot expect to check the maps while riding as while driving a car. The best option is to go through them before hitting the road to get a fair idea of where you are going. Also, remember to look at the road conditions and traffic, as Google Maps show these factors. Check the accident statistics on the route, and be extra careful while passing through high-risk areas.

Ride at your pace

Your comfort matters the most when riding on highways or city streets. Although highway trips with groups are relatively safer, you must follow the rules and avoid racing with your gang. Also, avoid pushing yourself to keep up and stick to your comfort zone. You may catch up at a rest point later, even if you fall behind the group. Besides going with your natural pace, look for a bike that fits your height and weight. Riding a stylish one that is too tall or heavy for your stature does not make sense. You may struggle to reach the handlebars and controls, which elevates the risk of accidents.

Never overlook negligent drivers

American highways abound with negligent drivers, from distracted car motorists to sleepy truckers. Motorcyclists are at high risk because drivers often fail to notice them and crash into them at high speeds. As a rider, you must keep an eye on negligent drivers and maintain a safe distance from them. Also, know your rights as a victim because you can seek compensation from a negligent driver if you have an unfortunate accident. But you must look for motorcycle accident attorney services to handle the claim. Proving claims often get challenging for bikers because of implicit bias. However, a legal expert can help you do it and maximize your compensation.

Gear up for safety

Avoiding mishaps in the first place should be your priority, but they may still happen. Proper safety gear can be life-saving for victims as it offers protection from severe injuries. A helmet is a must for all bikers, whether they navigate city lanes or zip through highways. It can prevent severe brain injuries and death. A face shield and protective eyewear offer additional protection against airborne debris. Wearing leather clothing, gloves, and boots with non-skid soles also provides safety from severe injuries. Also, wear bright colors to ensure visibility from a distance.

Inspect your vehicle

Highway accidents may not always happen due to negligent drivers. You may get into trouble for exceeding the speed limits, trying stunts, or failing to stay in your lanes. Besides these risks, bikers may overlook vehicle defects. Not inspecting your motorcycle before a long-distance ride is the worst blunder. You must check the basics like the functioning of lights, mirrors, brakes, clutch, throttle, and horn. A professional inspection enables the detection of grave issues like tire cracks, oil or gas leaks, low levels of hydraulic and coolants, and potential brake failure. Preventive checks limit the possibility of breakdowns and mishaps, so they should be a part of your safety checklist. Highway safety is critical for motorcyclists because it can prevent mishaps and save lives. Commit to not leaving it to chance and following the rules diligently. A little caution is enough to stay safe, but you must think beyond adhering to speed limits, staying within your lanes, and checking the road conditions, traffic, and forecasts. Never undermine the risk of negligent drivers because they are always around. Watch out for them and stay safe by maintaining distance. Caution is the most crucial word for highway bikers, so you must never leave it at home.


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