Yamaha YZF-R1 recall in India

Yamaha India has announced a recall on all Yamaha YZF-R1’s sold over the last couple of years in India. The recall is to fix a defect in the headlight system (head light lead coupler) that leads to overheating of the unit and in some cases melting. The part will be replaced by authorized Yamaha service centre’s free of cost. You can head on to the Yamaha website and enter your chassis number to check whether your motorcycle is part of the recall drive. The estimate number of motorcycles that seem to be effected by this faulty part is at about 100 in India and in fact the recall is part of a global recall initiative. Kudos to Yamaha for the voluntary recall drive.

The Yamaha YZF-R1 is Yamaha’s flagship and while Yamaha has tried to keep it fresh with the addition of the crossplane crankshaft and the traction control over the years, competition have gone ahead and focused on even better electronics and more importantly more power and lesser weight. Talks about the R1 getting a massive upgrade has been doing the rounds for about 2 years now and is much awaited. Rumors of shifting to a 3 cylinder set up were heard ever since they introduced the 3 cylinder engine platform couple of years back, but it is unlikely that will happen considering that its a litre bike and and will always be in some sort a sync with Yamaha’s MotoGP motorcycle the M1. It is still a mystery why something as standard as ABS is still not even an option on the mighty R1. Lets hope we see a totally revamped R1 later this year with some much needed weight loss and of-course with a strong electronics package and more power.


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