mahindra jcmoto cafe racer

The Mahindra stall at the Auto Expo 2014 was not just about the Mojo and the new Centuro (it gets a disc brake at the front). They also had some beauties in the form of two motorcycles done up by JCMoto, a Cafe Racer and a Scrambler concept based on the Mahindra Centuro. Both the motorcycles are essentially Mahindra but done up or rather done down like the way Joshua at JCMoto likes to put it. The motorycles stick to the simple principles of visual lightness and less is more. It has all it needs and looses all the remaining extra bulk transforming it to a light yet truly classic looking machine. Our favorite though is the Scrambler concept. It looks aggressive and ready for battle. Clothed in military green, a high silencer design and button tyres, it looks ready for battle. We will try to get you a more detailed look at both these machines in the coming weeks. It looks like the Cafe Racer trend has finally reached first page news in India, builds like these have been happening a lot in the background not just by JCMoto but many others as well, sadly a lot of them went unnoticed, we sure hope to see many more in the near future.

mahindra jcmoto scrablmer auto expo 2014


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