iamabiker magazine launched

Its been an exciting ¬†journey with a lot of twists and turns and we finally have arrived at the beginning of another beautiful one, the IAMABIKER Magazine. Staying true to all that we believe in the IAMABIKER Magazine will in true IAMABIKER style keep things clean, to the point and emphasize on the the core beliefs that make us bikers. Lets make one thing clear, we will ensure that whenever we launch an edition it will be filled with ‘content’ and not ‘fillers’. In future editions we will add more sections that will add variety to the existing mix and ensure that the world knows that we in India are right up there when it comes to motorcycling and the passion for it.

Coming to the first edition we have kept it simple taking into account its a new year. So we have included the top news from the past year along with a list of all the launches that happened and have added a list of what all to expect in the new year. Tops news includes news articles from India and the International scene along with Motorsport news. So then what are you waiting for? Head on to the IAMABIKER Magazine page to read it online or click HERE to download it. Do let us know about any feedback in a comment below and/or you can always mail us at editor@iamabiker.com.


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