harley davidson street 750 price announced

Harley Davidson has just launched the Street 750 for India at the Auto Expo 2014 at a mouth watering price of Rs. 4.1 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Harley India MD, Mr. Anoop Prakash went on to say that bookings will start on March 1st and deliveries will commence soon after. The price point is definitely going to be the talk of the town for a good long time, it take the fight right to the Hyosungs, especially the soon to be announced GV250 Aquila, which is expected in the price range of 3L. The Street 750 produces 65 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM from the new Revolution X engine. We think design wise it strays away from the typical Harley and sticks to design principles that are not typical Harley, practical and conservative. With the max torque coming is so low, even with the 6 speed transmission riding around the city will not be that much of a pain. There has not been any mention of any other colour option and at least for now it looks like the Street 750 will only be available in Black. One important thing that we noticed was that the Street 750 has the best ground clearance from among all the other Harley’s, not bad considering the roads it will be subjected to here in India. No word on the Street 500 as well during the press Q&A. More photographs and videos from the launch to follow, watch this space.


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