honda activa 125cc auto expo 2014

We are just hours away from the Auto Expo 2014 and we bring you some exclusive news! Honda is all set to launch a 125cc Activa along with mostly a 125cc Honda Dio as well. Yes! That’s right you read it first on IAMABIKER. This new Activa 125cc will feature a digital odometer and a fuel meter along with an analogue speedometer. It will also come with a front disc brake with the Honda’s combi braking as standard. The body will be a full metal one and apart from some minor design changes it will be similar to the existing Activa/Activa-i and Dio.

The scooter market was definitely getting saturated with the 100 and 110cc scooters and the Honda Activa 125cc and the Honda Dio 125cc will join the Suzuki Access/Swish 125 and the Vespa VX 125. More than the Activa going the 125cc way we are more excited about the Honda Dio becoming a 125cc. That gem of a scooter has always been a perfect workhorse and a very good handler. The extra bit of power will make it more even more fun and for sure the youth are going to gobble this one up. Go Honda go! Follow the link for a full preview of what else to expect from Honda at the Auto Expo 2014.


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