2014 Honda PCX125 - PCX150 unvelied

The PCX125/PCX150 has topped the powered two-wheeler sales charts in Europe for the last two years. Its success is down to a formula Honda has had many years’ experience in perfecting. The strong, modern design allows it to slip elegantly into a style-conscious urban youngster’s lifestyle, while compact dimensions ensure it can wriggle through busy traffic — and park — with ease. Perhaps most importantly, the PCX125/PCX150 represents great value for money, in terms of initial affordability and low running costs, thanks to very competitive pricing and the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency.

A smart, sporty look without increasing size, with improved comfort was a key factor in the PCX125/PCX150’s design. The development team also wanted to add value and practicality; many detail improvements are in response to owner feedback. All lighting is now LED, saving electrical drain on the engine and a hazard button has been added, as well as a clock in the dash and integral 12V AC adapter. Perhaps more important is the PCX125/PCX150’s fuel economy. For 2014, it is now even more fuel efficient thanks to the addition of low rolling resistance tires and further friction reduction within the engine. A larger 8-liter fuel tank (up from 5.9-liter) means that a range of 350+km (without Idling Stop) is possible from one fill-up. And not only is the upgraded PCX125/PCX150 cost efficient to own, it offers outstanding purchase price value while retaining the high build quality, reliability and longevity Honda scooters are known for.

The 2014 PCX125/PCX150’s dynamic looks reflects the advanced technologies that go into its production and includes many detail changes to enhance both usefulness and comfort. It’s still a compact form however, maintaining its traffic-busting ability. The riding position remains a sit-in style and hugs the rider securely; the passenger backrest has been removed to allow more freedom. Compact dual LED headlights add a sporty edge and maintain light distribution with the arrangement of low-high-low beams. The indicators, taillight and license plate light are also LED, reducing electrical drain on the engine. A hazard function has also been added. The left hand fairing pocket is larger in size and will happily hold a water bottle or drinks can. It also contains the 12V AC adapter for charging a phone — a useful additional feature. There’s under seat storage for a full-face helmet and the stepped seat itself now has a sprung hinge, so it stays up when open. Seat height is a very manageable 760 mm with a ‘straddling’ height of 540 mm. Opening both the seat and fuel lid is via one-touch switches and the ignition key receives a key shutter. A central console presents all the information within a neat, concise design. Speed is displayed by a luminous needle moving around the outside of the LCD panel, which contains an odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, plus the additional fuel efficiency meter and clock.

The lightweight and compact liquid-cooled SOHC two-valve 125cc/150cc engine powering the PCX125/PCX150 produces 11.5/13 HP and 12/14 Nm of torque while offering durability with excellent performance away from the lights — 0-50m takes just 5.4s/4.9s — plus quiet, smooth operation and reduced COproduction. Critical of course is its impressive fuel economy and the reductions to the engine’s internal friction — less electrical drain and a built-in fuel pump — plus reduced rolling resistance from the tires mean that the PCX125 will now return 47.4/44 km/liters without Idling Stop (WMTC mode).


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