worlds most expensive motorcycle

Tarhan Telli, a Turkish motorcycle designer has spent more than a year to build the motorcycle seen here, what is special about it you ask? It is made out of gold! This golden motorcycle weighs 315 kilograms, has a 1801 cc engine that makes 125 horses and sets a new world record for the most expensive motorcycle, according to the World Record Academy. The previous Guinness world record for the most expensive motorcycle in production was set by the MTT Turbine Superbike (which by the was is getting a version two) is powered by a Rolls Royce Allison gas turbine engine with a cost of $185,000 (£101,000) in 2004. The gold motorcycle which we have here is currently valued at a price that at this point of time can only be estimated by the current value of gold in the international markets plus some more.

The chassis and body shell of the motorcycle which has 6 speed gearbox are made of white and yellow gold. With a theme revolving around the mythological Medusa, the gold motorcycle has her face placed on its fuel tank, accompanying these are snake figures on its chassis and fender. Telli said that it had taken him more than one year to build this motorcycle and he plans to put it up for auction soon.



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