Team Rubber Smokin' Angles - featured stunt team September 2013

Team RSA is probably one of the first teams that came together to take a serious stand in the Indian motorcycling scene. From stunting they have moved on to a lot of other motorcycle related activities be it promoting safety or just giving the entire motorcycle community a good name. It’s our honour to have them as our featured team for the month of September 2013.

Quick 11 with Team RSA

  • 1. Team’s name?

Team Rubber Smokin’ Angels (a.k.a RSA)

  • 2. Bikes used?

Pulsar 200 (old), Pulsar 220 & Apache RTR 180.

  • 3. Current location?

Pune, India.

  • 4. How did it all begin? How did you guys come together?

Team RSA came into existence on 15th October 2003. It was kick started by few like minded people sharing the same hardcore passion for motorcycling. The founder of this club is Rohit Paradkar aka RASH. The club has various categories like Stunt Riding, Racing and even Touring. Currently we have Mustafa Abbas, Shekhar Singh, Anam Hashim, Ajinkya Kenjale as our pro stunt riders and more stunt riders are in practice.

  • 5. Your favourite stunt as a team and what is in store for us in the pipeline?

Our favourite stunt as a team is doing some sick tandem stunts and doing burnouts with riders circling around the mid rider. And about what’s in store we’re soon going to launch our new team members.

  • 6. Your favourite stunter / stunt team?

Our favourite stunt rider Bhuvan Chowdhary who is our senior stunt rider & Neo from GRZ.

  • 7. What was your biggest challenge so far as a stunt team?

As a team handling the team itself is the biggest challenge because managing people is the difficult task.

  • 8. Biggest achievement as a stunt team?

We feel proud to say that we’re working with Pune RTO to promote safe riding & we’re India’s 1st Stunt team who performed a stunt show on sponsored superbikes i.e. Hyosung GT 650R & Hyosung GT 650N. Check out the video below:

  • 9. Funny / weirdest experience while performing?

Our weirdest experience was when ‘India’s Got Talent’ asked us to perform for them for their T.V. show, we performed and video was shot. But at the end, our performance was not published.

  • 10. Future plans?

Preparing our riders for XDL. As that’s where the future is.

  • 11. What would you like to say to your supporters/fans/followers?

Motorcycle Stunting is definitely fun, but we would like to stress on how important safety gear is. We have seen all possible scenarios and the damage that’s possible even with riding gears on, so always give yourself the best chance and be in full gear. You can follow all our latest action and updates at our Facebook Page.

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