suzuki motorcycles to use maruti's resources

Suzuki Motorcycles India are finally taking some very serious steps into aligning its interests with the massive growth in the Indian motorcycle and scooter market. Already having increased production capacities last year, Suzuki are now using its strong foothold in the car market to beef up its motorcycle operations. For this they will be shifting key people to lead and create new business segments within Maruti that will support Suzuki Motorcycles.

Suzuki Motorcycles has been struggling in the Indian market and seem to have totally missed the race in terms of the huge volume of sales that other players are seeing. The use of Maruti’s resources would help them bring down production costs, easily increase their dealer network and offer greater penetration into the markets. Having been following Suzuki’s up’s and down’s over the past decade, we feel that the Suzuki is missing that one special model in the 125-150 cc segment that not just characteristically has the strong reliable Suzuki engine, but also one that appeals in terms of design so that the younger generation will carry the brand forward. A top down approach more or less. Its just a waiting game now to see how Suzuki can use Maruti’s resources to its benefit. The next big launch from Suzuki is expected to be the Suzuki Inazuma which has been spotted couple of times and probably has a launch date sometime in the next couple of months.


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