There is a good reason why manufacturer after manufacturer choose to come out with a teaser before an important launch. The amount of hype it generates is massive and in a matter of hours the whole motorcycle industry is talking about it. This is not the first time that Yamaha has come out with a teaser video and will most definitely not be the last. The best part of this though is that nobody has a clue as to what Yamaha is going to bring out. There are many ways to look at the video we have here. Going by just the attire of the rider and his riding position there is a good chance we might see a proper street  supermoto styled bike from Yamaha in the 250-400cc range, something on the lines of Honda CRF250M’s, something that has been missing in the Yamaha lineup. But then there are other bits of news like the earlier one where Yamaha said last year that they would now be concentrating on the 3 cylinder setup. What we can be pretty sure is that it would most likely not be the new Yamaha R6 or the much talked about Yamaha YZF R25. Both these bikes will make an entry later this year mostly at the EICMA. We would love to be wrong though. 10 more days of wait before we see an unveiling at Japan, stay tuned as we will bring you all the info as it happens.


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