new hero karizma zmr for 2013 from Macau

Okay lets first start with something that we know for sure. The new Karizma ZMR and the Karizma R will have the same engine with a power bump. This will not yet feature the completely new engine that Hero and EBR are working on. That will be on a completely new bike, with an expected unveiling next year, probably at the Auto Expo 2014. We also know that the bikes we see here will hit the market by next month. And finally we now have a clear idea of what the new Karizma brothers from Hero MotoCorp will look like.

Now there are not many ways to look at this situation, simply put the designs are not what the current generation of motorcycling enthusiasts are looking for. The legendary Karizma, the original one that stole our hearts almost a decade ago, although still being there under that shell of plastic abomination, may have taken a beating that it probably can never recover from. The photographs we see here are from a private presentation of the new model line up or shall we say the updated model line up from Hero MotoCorp that was held in Macau. Hero MotoCorp just crossed a massive sales number of 50 million motorcycles and almost at the same time had announced that they will adding almost 15 new and updated models for 2014, and these are the first few of the 15 to appear.

The new Hero Karizma ZMR to be honest looks slightly more proportional that the older ZMR, but still the design in so, shall we say 1995? Independently and functionally speaking the headlights may end up being very good, so will the massive turn indicators and the other many parts, but put them all together and suddenly we have an issue with proportions and the individual design elements not exactly complimenting each other. There seems to be some design inspiration from the EBR 1190RS as-well, most clearly visible in the brake lights and number plate holder.

The new Hero Karizma R actually look’s better of the two, but the fact that it is replacing something that looked so much more better is the biggest turn off. The only difference between the R and the ZMR versions seems to be in the faring, rear drum brakes and the fuel injection. We still have do not have a word on the updated power figures, but just confirmation that EBR has worked on the engines and there would be an increase in power, but surely it would not be a massive bump, probably just enough to claim a bump and to justify an increase in the price of the Karizma’s.

new hero karizma r 2013 - click to enlarge

The new CBZ Xtreme has probably a more pleasing update. The indicators are no longer integrated to the headlight fairing, the tank see’s some minor design changes, a new instrument console and other small design changes all over.

new hero cbz xtreme 2013 - click to enlarge

So are you happy with the new designs from Hero MotoCorp? Do let us know. In the meanwhile fingers crossed in hope that these might actually look at-least marginally better in person and have a noteworthy power bump. Also we eagerly wait for the Auto Expo 2014 to see what Hero and EBR can really come up with given the luxury of time.


  1. Pray guys! If TVS releases it’s new 200cc looking something like this :o They should make RTR200 naked version as for Indian traffic naked bikes are best!

  2. Y the hell you guys banging your heads. Some idiots saying its copy of pulsar 220 and R15 v2!! :O Shut your mouth. think bigger idiots. This karizma design somewat looks like EBR’s supersport 1190RS. but they couldn’t make it upto the mark. So wat at least they tried, well not this time but next time might come up with good design. All cheap minds

  3. Hey..

    I have been reading about the new Karizma R & ZMR for quite some time now.., with everybody bombarding Hero! Its only in that I see a very clean way of putting things, letting public do the decision instead of going out right & screwing Hero.

    I really appreciate the way the article is put up..
    Kudos to the writer! :)

  4. sometimes I wonder what certain motorcycle companies do when they design a motorcycle… like for example the Apache RTR new version which had nothing special in it and I personally like the older version eventhough it is a little old fashioned.. having said that, the New Karizma isn’t so impressive.. the design patterns seem to come from yesterday, the engine with power should be good but what about monoshocks and disk brakes on the rear? :/ quite a sad update.. lets see how it clicks anyway!


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