Kayaba (KYB) and Yamaha India join forces

KYB Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Kayaba), have decided to form a jointly owned business by combining the resources and know-how of KYB, a manufacturer of hydraulic shock absorbers, and Yamaha Motor, a manufacturer of motorcycles, the two companies plan to establish a global supply capability for motorcycle hydraulic shock absorbers and other products. The goal is to sell products with the best performance and quality in the world at competitive prices. Plans call for selling these products to motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, including Yamaha Motor.

As part of its global collaborative business operations, KYB established a company in India in December 2012 for the manufacture and sale of hydraulic shock absorbers for motorcycles. In 2014, this company plans to start supplying hydraulic shock absorbers for motorcycles to the Chennai Factory of India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. KYB’s goal is to use its company in India to manufacture and sell products that are cost competitive and rank among the best in the world. In July 2013, KYB plans to have its company in India issue stock for sale to Yamaha Motor. This sale will make the subsidiary a joint venture that will be 66.6% owned by KYB and 33.4% owned by Yamaha Motor.


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