Indian Motorcycles after having announced their come back with an audio teaser of their new engine, now have unveiled the same. This much awaited V-Twin engine will be the heart and starting point for many new models that will roll out of the Indian Motorcycles stables. Named the ‘Thunder Stroke 111″ with a capacity of 1819cc, the engine retains fine suggestions to the strong history and lineage of the Indian Motorcycles brand and yet is modern and advanced to take on competition by powering the next generation of the Indian Motorcycles. The new management at Indian Motorcycles, Piaggio only announced the torque figures of the engine, it lies at 156 Nm, a mighty lot. The new engine will be entirely produced in Wisconsin and then taken to the main assembly factory at Iowa. No word yet on what motorcycles this new engine will go into, but Piaggio has confirmed that we will hear about it in the next couple of months.


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