Husqvarna Nuda touring bike spy shot

Husqvarna has had a brilliant year in 2012 and this BMW owned brand’s street venture with the Nude 900 and the Nuda 900R seems to have paid off. Capitalizing on this success according to the spy photographs that has emerged Husqvarna is all set to expand its street portfolio to a full fledged touring model as well. The photograph shows us a slightly camouflaged version of the semi faired prototype. The engine seems to the same one as that on the Nuda 900. The wind shield is a rather high one and also easily noticeable is the larger seat. The model in all probability would be a 2014 model seeing an announcement in the coming months. The Husqvarna Nuda touring model might just be what the company portfolio needs to appeal to a broader market and will definitely see a huge volume in sales as the adventure touring segment is currently on a strong steady growth and of course the BMW connection will only help establish Husqvarna as a strong player in the touring bike segment.


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