Honda CBR250R India new colours

In November last year Honda Motorcycles India had announced a recall for 11,500 units of the CBR250R to fix a front brake issue. The issue being that of a slight defect in the front disc master cylinder assembly was one that would not effect the braking performance in almost all conditions. With the recall Honda have replaced the front disc master cylinder assembly of 75% of the bikes that fall under this category. All the replacements have been made free of cost and irrespective of warranty status.

Honda is the only manufacturer to officially announce a recall in the motorcycle segment and for sure by know we know the manufacturing defects that come our way are not limited to Honda. We sure do hope that this move from Honda has a positive impact on product quality across the motorcycle industry. The CBR250R has definitely been a well received motorcycle and is seeing a very good volume of sales. You can check out the CBR250R review for a detailed look at its real world performance. There is no word yet on the new colours for the 2013 CBR250R for India. We assume these will be introduced once the recall in complete.


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