honda cbr300r

Well, we have no clue what is happening behind the closed doors at Honda. This particular photograph which has emerged across websites shows of a presentation probably within Honda. Why this presentation confuses is the fact that it shows the words CBR300R. Is Honda really planning a 300 as well? Would it be a replacement for the 250? or an independent model that would go along with the CBR250R? Honda already has the 500cc trio, then they announced the 400c trio which will primarily be for the Asian countries and now a CBR300R on the cards?

We would much rather like this 300 to be a replacement for the CBR250R. Ever since the Duke 200 and soon to come Duke 390 made its appearance the CBR250R suddenly seemed a bit underpowered. Honda’s relaxed ‘not so high’ revving engines seemed lazy in front of these mad machines. With a bump to 300cc we can probably see power figures that are closer to that 30HP mark and that would make the CBR a whole lot more fun. It will probably be awhile before we actually see something like this materialize and we sure hope its true.


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