Casey Stoner Honda RC213V works machine

Casey Stoner tested the Honda RC213V works machine currently racing in the MotoGP class, and the “MotoGP Production Racer” (tentative) on Thursday, October 3 as part of Honda’s development tests at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit in Tochigi, Japan. Stoner won his second career title with Honda in 2011, and decided to retire at the end of 2012. Since then, he has been racing in the V8 Supercars series, a car racing in Australia. Stoner has returned to Honda as a test rider, working on the evolution of the current RC213V since August.

Stoner could not ride on the first day of scheduled testing, October 2, due to poor weather, but testing commenced as planned on the following day under cloudy skies. Stoner tested the RC213V MotoGP works machine in the morning, and in the afternoon also tested the Production Racer, a machine being developed based on the RC213V. Despite it being his first ride on the test model, Stoner lapped the circuit with high average speeds worthy of the RC213V and deep-banked cornering. Honda is developing the track-only Production Racer to enable teams and riders to race in the MotoGP class in 2014 at a reasonable price.

Casey Stoner

“Unfortunately the weather played a big role in this test which was a little frustrating not to be able to share the workload over the two days. We tried to do everything today but it was a little difficult, and we also had the threat of rain again. We started with the current RCV, trying to find a base setting and then work from there. We had two variations of chassis’ to try and some big modifications and improvements in my opinion. We also tried the production bike which was more impressive than I predicted. It had a similar feeling to the RCV but with a little less power and different feeling in engine braking. With some small modifications I believe this bike will be competitive and I look forward to the next test with it! In general it was a good, but busy day.”


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