Casey Stoner at the Australian V8 Supercar Championship

Casey Stoner just finished his first outing at the Australian V8 Supercar Championship, the former MotoGP Champion qualified 12th amongst 30 drivers and was just 1.030s from the leader, quite a remarkable feat for someone on his first race at the Championship, but his luck would not last long as he faced a flat tyre midway through the race. He had reached the 10th position before slowly dropping down to the 13th when his tyre gave up.

Casey Stoner

I made a mistake and locked up big time going in to the last corner – not what everybody saw on TV, that was later, I tried to save the tyres so I could actually finish the race. I kept locking up here and there, even without any kind of brakes, and unfortunately got too much of a flat spot and she popped on me coming through turn three. Once the tyre burst I was in for a ride. I tried to save it as much as I could but it was game over. This crash won’t put me in a good position for race two but, oh well we can tune the car up and see what we can do tomorrow.”


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