audi motorcycles

Audi’s purchase of top motorcycle brand Ducati in April last year for sure meant that we would be seeing something interesting from the top brand very soon. Almost a year into this big purchase comes the announcement of its first concept, the Audi Motorrad. Purely in a concept stage as of now there is no word from Audi if they will ever take this motorcycle into production. The design has been done by Thibault Devauze and Marc Devauze. The clay modelling has been done by Clement Couvreur who with his sleek chisel work has brought this concept to life.

The design looks very futuristic and has got a blend of sharp and flowing lines. It looks like some thing from the future and that makes the concept more on the lines of an electric. If it ever goes into production this bike will benefit a lot from the Audi’s advanced technologies and Ducati‘s brilliant engines. Audi’s entry into the motorcycle domain for sure is certain and their biggest competitor will be BMW who will the only other manufacturer with a similar background. Bring it on we say, the more the better, with these top brands fighting for market share we are sure to see some amazing motorcycles to come out from both.


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