The Yamaha Ray Z is the Yamaha’s offering for the male crowd in India. The Ray Z is primarily a cosmetic updated Ray, but the entire Ray series also gets couple of minor internal changes along with tweaks to its suspension. Although the Ray was targeted at the women crowd it being a good machine was popular with the male crowd aswell. You can check out the Yamaha Ray review for a detailed look at that, below is our review of the Yamaha Ray Z.

Engine and Performance

Powered by an 113cc engine that produces 7 HP of power and 8.1 Nm of torque, the Ray Z wastes no time to get going. The usual lag that is present in a CVT engine is almost nil. The internal changes that the Ray Z and also the new batches of the Ray will receive include new roller type rocker arms, new low friction oil seals to improve efficiency and a throttle position sensor. Although if you are hopping back on the Ray Z after a spin on the older Ray, these changes are pretty much not apparent, all these minor tweaks are to make the engine more efficient. In the city the Ray Z was a pleasure to ride and like a true Yamaha was always ready to go and did not lose its composure even after a good long session in slow moving traffic. With a pillion onboard the Ray Z was expectedly slower off the mark and the characteristic lag of the CVT engines shows its presence here, although a much better performer than all its similarly specced competitors. After riding in mixed conditions in the city the Ray Z returned a mileage of 43 kmpl, slightly better than what we got in the Ray but then pretty much the same. We expect with a good relaxed riding pattern that figure can go up to 50 kmpl. The top speed we clocked was 80 kmph.

Look and Feel and Build Quality

The Yamaha Ray Z with the new colours and new design elements definitely is a visual step up from the single tone/coloured Ray. To be exact, the new design changes are the two tone graphics with ‘Z’ prominently displayed in either side, a faux carbon fibre finish to the speedometer and the seat, red coloured rear suspension spring, a small front visor and an elongated tail (grab rail). The Ray Z looks like a big scooter but the moment you sit on it you realize it is so very compact, it feels super light and surprisingly has a lot of space. Even with a tall rider onboard there was enough space to accommodate his legs and with a pillion there was still enough place for both to be comfortably seated. The most beautiful design element according to us is the gorgeous looking exhaust, all the style added by that one panel on top. The plastic quality is on par with its competitors and panel’s gelled in together with minimal panel gaps. The usual ‘familiar’ looking switchgear welcome’s you when on board but overall a good job with the build quality. 

Handling and Braking

The Yamaha Ray Z handles brilliantly, its so very well balanced and light that you can just hop on and feel confident and precise in the way you ride. The low weight and easy handling ensures that you are not at all fatigued by riding it around in traffic. Its compact to let you squeeze through traffic with ease and has a very small turning radius making it an absolute pleasure in tight spots. We love the fact that Yamaha have used the telescopic forks at front. This single feature complements the handling so well and makes the ride a very comfortable one. Even if you are pushing the Ray Z quickly around turns it will happily oblige and will feel confident and planted. The braking is handled by drum brakes at both ends and are good enough for a scooter of this capacity. The tyres are the MRF ones and they held up fine all through our test. 

Accessories and Key features

Yamaha have kept the Ray Z simple, all that is needed is present and all the extra’s have taken a miss. One key thing that we would have liked to see on the Ray Z is the rear brake lock, being a gearless it does come in handy in a lot of situations. The Ray misses on some extra features that the competition provides to add that extra value. The instrument console is pretty basic and has all the standard meters. The seat is grippy and comfortable, the underseat storage is good only for a half faced helmet. There is some space upfront below the handle to keep stuff, but we reckon things would just pop out from here on our bumpy roads. The mirrors are maybe the only thing on the Ray Z that we were not happy with, could have done with a wider view. The traditional hook is present at the front for holding on to those bags. The rear pillion grab rail is big and easy to hold on to and it is ever so easy to put it on main/centre stand. Headlights are pretty good while we wish it had a better spread it had an above average throw.

Value for Money

The Yamaha Ray Z costs about Rs 1,750/- more than the Ray, not a huge difference. What you get for this extra price is a more sporty looking scooter that we feel will appeal to both the sexes. The new colours available are the red that you see here, a white and a black one with similar graphics. Like we said earlier the Ray Z is just looks big while actually being a compact easy to handle scooter. The fuel efficiency is good and spares are cheap. Its pricing is almost similar to its competitors and where the Yamaha Ray Z has the advantage is in the fact that it looks the more fun and energetic. Yes, it does miss out on some of the special features that other manufacturers throw in, but the Yamaha compensates for those in pure riding pleasure. 

Final Verdict

The Yamaha Ray Z is probably the best handling scooter in India. It combines the expected good handling from a Yamaha while keeping things simple and sticking to the basics, a good engine, decent build quality, good value for money and overall a good looking design. Do we wish this ‘male’ oriented Yamaha scooter had more juice with at least a 125cc engine? Yes! But looks like that will have to wait, but this package, we feel will in fact make the Yamaha Ray Z appealing to both the sexes and even across a wider age group.

Specifications Sheet
Design4-stroke, Air cooled
Displacement113 cm³
Torque8.1 Nm @ 5000 RPM
Power7 HP @ 7,500 RPM
Starting aidKick / Electric
FrameUnder-bone Type
Front SuspensionTelescopic
Rear Shock absorberUnit Swing
Brake system FrontDrum brake
Brake system RearDrum brake
Brake drum – diameter front130 mm
Brake drum – diameter rear130 mm
Front tyre90/100- 10 inch
Rear tyre90/100- 10 inch
Fuel tank capacity5 L
Ground clearance128 mm
Wheelbase1270 mm
Length1835 mm
Kerb Weight104 kg
Battery12 Volt 5 Amp
Head lights12V 35/35 W X1

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  1. Hi,
    i Bought Yamaha ray z.. Amazing & Fabulous Experience its give me for compare to oter scooters..
    Think Differ.. My point of view Ray z is Best one.. Based on ur Maintainance only.

  2. Hi,

    I have a question. The Ground Clearance of Ray Z is 128 mm, which is lesser than its competitor (150 mm – WEGO, 153 mm – Activa, etc etc.). Will this pose a problem on the Speed Brakers and Pot Holes which are so commonly present on Indian city roads.

    Please help as it is a grey area which hardly comes into notice.


  3. Hi,
    I am about to buy a scooter for me and for my wife. I will be buying either Yamaha Ray Z or Tvs wego. The main purpose is shopping from the markets which are 5-7 kms away from the home; which may happen everyday. Once in a week, we may take a trip to the town, which is 45 Kms away. We have to meet a lot of signals and heavy traffic in bet ween. Both of us are infants as riders. I rode both the vehicles, but could not find much differences in riding comfort.
    I liked Ray z for it’s styling and wego for it’s luggage space (front carriage) and external fuel fill.
    As I am not an expert, I need your advice in selecting one of these. Also, please let me know which one is more fuel efficient. Thanks in advance

  4. Dear Experts,
    I am planning to buy a scooter. But it very difficult me to choose one. Please help me
    1. Honda Dio HET
    2. Yamaha Ray Z
    3. Suzuki Swish
    Which one i go for. Please Help me. Waiting for your reply for book my scooter


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