2013 ktm 1290 superduke r launch

We know what the prototype looked like, we know what the almost complete production version looked like and now we have a confirmation on the launch date of the 2013 KTM 1290 Superduke R. The official 1290 Superduke R website has been updated with a clock that’s counting down to the launch date, 11 days from now (at the time of writing). Even though we have seen the bike in action at several occasions the mystery behind its specifications still remain. Power is estimated to be anywhere 180 – 190 horses with an overall weight that is going to put to shame a lot of the existing naked’s. What we know is that along with all the power, the Superduke 1290 R is also loaded with state of the art electronics that will make sure you are safe even with the expected stratospheric power to ratio. So the wait begins, check out the new teaser video below.


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