TriboCor Chain Lube TC 40 review

We constantly get enquires on several motorcycling related products and one of the most asked about questions is which chain lube to go for. TriboCor has been in the market for quite some time now and their product range includes not just chain lube but a chain cleaner and a contact cleaner as-well among various other products. They have established themselves over the past couple of years and as of today are one of the biggest players in this segment.
Folks at D.I.Y Guy Enterprises have sent us some samples, which we have immediately put to the test, the results of which are as mentioned below.


The TC 40 chain lube from TriboCor comes in volumes of 125ml and 500ml in regular pressurized cans. The lube can be used for any chain drive system and provides lubrication as well as corrosion protection. The basic working principle is simple, the lubricant is mixed with a quick evaporating solvent within the can and once applied the solvent evaporates leaving a protective coat of adhesive lubricant on the chain. This increases chain and sprocket life which in turn gives you a better performance and efficiency.


TriboCor Chain Lube TC 40 applicationThe application of the TriboCor chain lube TC 40 is pretty much straight forward. You connect the red pipe on to the nozzle and spray uniformly over the chain, preferably with the bike on centre/paddock stand and in first gear with the wheel freely rotating. Ensure an even spray all along the chain and maintain a distance of couple of inches from the tip of the pipe to the chain so that it spreads to the sides as well. The long nozzle ensures a properly directed spray and avoids any back spray on to your hands. The fit and finish is pretty good and even after repeated use there was no leak from the nozzle nor did the pipe become loose, but as with all chain lubes the pipe is a separate entity and we wish manufactures provided some sort of clip to hold it in place when not in use.


The application like we said is pretty much straight forward and once applied properly TriboCor claim a life of 500 kilometres. We tested it out on a Pulsar 220 and a CBR250R with riders of very different styles, one aggressive with hard accelerations and the other with a more relaxed throttle control. The aggressive riding resulted in notable decrease in lube presence by 350 kilometres while a rather relaxed riding saw the chain lube lasting for almost 450-500 kilometres. Either way, during the first 350 kilometres it is at its best and does a good job protecting from everyday dust. Compared to other chain sprays, the TriboCor has a more foamy and a much more shall we say ‘wet’ look while dispensing and it takes a little while to settle down, so if doing it indoors, make sure you keep a paper or cloth underneath your bike to avoid getting the floor dirty.


TriboCor Chain Lube TC 40 verdictAt INR 330/- for the 500ml can, the TriboCor Chain Lube TC 40 is very competitively priced. Infact, it is much cheaper than some of its competitors. The opens chains and our dusty conditions really put any chain lube with a tough job at hand and even with the best out there having a similar or maybe a slightly more range per application, the TriboCor definitely is not just a value for money option but a very good product as well.


    • Yes, you can use this instead of the oiling/greasing done by most mechanics. The chain lube is designed to be easy for anyone to use and it also protects the chain much better than ordinary grease/oil.


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