The city of Delhi reverberated with the “legendary thump” on Sunday evening when the 9th Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey riders rolled back into the city after having successfully completed the 16 day epic motorcycle pilgrimage to Ladakh. The motorcyclists clocked a total distance of 2722 kilometers in this edition of the ride with the final day covering a stretch of more than 240 kilometers on their way to Delhi. The non competitive 16 day adventure saw 67 riders from India and abroad ride from Delhi to Khardung La and back, on their Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

As the riders prepared to get back to the humdrum of their daily lives transformed and bonded, Royal Enfield had much more than just farewell good wishes instore for them. Turquoise Cottage at Delhi’s upscale Basant Lok complex came alive with reminiscences of the 9th Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey that was captured through an AV clip. The farewell bash, a celebration of the spirit of motorcycling, was marked with moments of felicitation, bonds of friendship and recounting of tales- of the ride and the motorcycle. The common theme for the evening emerged to be transformation through Royal Enfield. As each rider went up on stage to receive their certificates, they recounted how the last 16 days of their lives had metamorphosed them.

While handing out the certificates to the riders, Dr Venki Padmanabhan, CEO, Royal Enfield, said, “This is what we live for; to welcome our heroes back and to watch them reunite with their families and friends. And to know, that we had a small part in creating such joy and perhaps new meaning in their lives. In some ways, our work here is done. In some ways, our work here has just begun”

The evening reached its high point when one of the oldest and biggest rock bands of the country- Pentagram took the stage. The audience comprising of the Himalayan Odyssey riders, their families, the Royal Enfield team and other distinguished guests, cheered aloud as Pentagram’s lead vocalist Vishal Dadlani belted out numbers from the band’s well known albums- Bloodywood and It’s OK, It’s All Good, in his inimitable style. The music resonated through the evening as the riders got into the groove.

To complete the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey experience, an interesting mix of signature cocktails like Khar dung La sunrise, Machismo, Home alone, Whiskey Nala, Classic and Flying Flea were specially created for the riders. The one of its kind, Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey is a dream ride from the beginning to end and is one of the oldest adventure motorcycling events in the country. This splendid two weeks challenge, takes the riders and their Royal Enfield bikes through the most beautiful yet, most challenging roads on the planet. Often considered as an achievement by motorcyclists, the ride involves every kind of terrain including rocks, mud, snow, rain and sand. The ride by no means is easy and checks the riders on physical and mental capabilities.

The temperatures drop to as low as minus 30 degrees in certain parts and oxygen is extremely low, only the fittest dare to survive in such extreme conditions. In case of any emergency, medical help for the bikers and mechanical help for their machines is on-hand 24/7.


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