Rok Bagoros coming to India

If you follow the stunt world keenly then stunt rider Rok Bagoros needs no introduction, for those of you who do not know, he is this young talented stunt rider that has wowed the world with his performance on bikes like the KTM Duke 125 and the 690. His achievements include 1st place at 125cc stunt class in the Kunmadaras extreme show 2011 (Hungary), 1st place for scooter stunt at Stunt Bike Show Bordeaux 2010, 2nd place at scooter stunt Scooter Fest 2010 and he is the first person that rode a scooter at the Freestyle show on Ice in 2009. He even performed at the recently concluded EICMA 2012.

The stunt rider has recently confirmed on this fan page that he would be heading to India. No dates have been mentioned yet, but we are quite sure that it would be mixed along with the KTM Orange Days being held all over India. We just cannot wait to see this young champion perform. To get a taste of what Rok Bagoros is capable of, check out a video of him performing below.


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