The Thunderbird 500 introduced to us first at the Auto Expo 2012 Delhi comes with a 500cc Unit Construction Engine (UCE) and a speculated power output of 27.2 Bhp and a massive 41.3 Nm of torque. Probably the first thing that strikes your eye is the ‘black’ engine with the silver lines that definitely give the TB500 an upmarket feel.

The seat is redesigned and now opens using a lock mechanism, accessible through the side panel. Probably the next thing that meets your eyes is the redesigned meter console, the speedometer and the tachometer are now backlight bright blue and have a digital meter with two trip meters, mileage indicator and a distance since last stop counter.

The main ignition lock on the TB500 now also functions as the steering lock. The bike also comes with hazard lamps, first for a motorcycle manufactured in India. The front forks are now thicker at 41 mm, while the rear swingarm is now an oval type that hosts the new Bybre rear disc. The asymmetrically placed tank cap moves away from the conventional centre setup and provides the TB500 with its own unique blend of style. The pillion seat can now be removed to accommodate for luggage and mounting points for panniers while the tail lamp gets the LED treatment. The Thunderbird 500 also gets a 55w projector lamp for its low beam and a 55W halogen bulb for the high beam which can work together resulting in a beautiful spread and throw for the headlight. Another welcome addition is the new huge 20L tank.

The folks are RE are still tight lipped on a probable launch date for the TB500 and even more on clues to how much the TB500 would cost. Expect the pricing close to the 1.8L bracket and from what we could dig up the launch is still a good two months away.


  1. Piece of metal and what not. Well it’s made for people who want bigger bikes at a VERY CHEAP Price. So yes for that price you get a “Refurbished Piece of metal”. Good bullets are not cheap they come with a good price. That is why the old Enfields like Crusaders, Interceptors, Meteors were so expensive. Because people never gave 2 sheets about the price and mileage.

  2. @ Raghav yes i agree , harleys are V-Twin and they put so much effort and research in their engines . Whereas RE is just churning out same engines from last 30-40 years . only recenly waking up from it s slumber sleep. anyways better late than never .
    i heard RE is working on a V-Twin . That might be able to compete with Harleys or atleast give us a Low cost alternative . RE wount want to compete with harleys , they are a very tiny company compared to harley but then a Harley costs 4 times the price of a RE and with Imported parts and all it will remain a Rich kid’s toy.

    There is this Indian guy he himself fabricated a V-twin from his enfield engine. That thing really was a beauty.

    • Right said Lalit. and instead of calling it a low cost alternative, i would say – i need an Indian made machine as good as an importer and yet be half the price we pay for the latter. And thats when we can have that wide grin plastered on our face and happily point the middle finger at the import. thats nirvana mate! :)

  3. These are worthy upgrades-
    Disc brakes/55w Halogen and other Gadgets
    looks like finally RE has waked up from it s slumber sleep.
    i bet this gives Harley a run for it s money .

    • not really mate. you cant compare this piece of metal wit the harley. let us see it first on the road in flesh and then decide how good or bad it is. and then i will buy your comment. not before that.
      and yes, i ride an electra myself. though i love my bike, i wish it had many changes to make it better.


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