TVS Motors is back in the news. Today morning they broke silence with what seemed to be a legitimate announcement of a new/upgraded bike on the lines of the current Apache RTR series. All hell broke loose and within a matter of minutes the world wide web was filled with speculations and discussions which ran for pages on forums. As the day progressed and the discussions ran even longer, out came another teaser. This one though honestly did more harm than good and put a lot a speculations to rest and toned down the discussions (250/200 cc/ full faired / half faired and much much more!). Here is a look at the second teaser.

Finally came the time for spy photographs. The new TVS Apache RTR now pretty much clearly visible, gets LED DRL (Daytime running lights), slight design changes to the headlight assembly, a new sticker job and carbon fibre looks alike’s thrown around everywhere. Also noticeable is a metallic ‘Apache’ sticker on the tank fins and a sticker on the rear panels that sports the Indian tri-colour.

A see-saw of a day today! We are pretty sure that the changes are limited to cosmetic and the Apache RTR’s will be available in the same set of options as before. Rumour mills had earlier suggested a possible liquid cooled 400cc mill from TVS, but it seems now that we have to wait longer. But then again what if the photographs shown are of the current bikes taking design cues from an elder sibling? Too much speculation for today?

Here is a look at the photographs of the new TVS Apache RTR for 2012 that have come up.

Update: The new TVS Apache RTR 160 comes in four dual tone colours, namely green, red. Yellow and grey with black being the base. The new TVS Apache RTR 180 also comes in four colours of white, yellow, grey and black while the ABS version will be available in white and black.

The new TVS Apache Series RTR is immediately available in TVS dealerships across the country. While the TVS Apache RTR 160 will cost Rs. 67,505 (Ex showroom Delhi), TVS Apache RTR 180 will be Rs. 72,090 (Ex showroom Delhi) and TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS will cost Rs. 82,780 (Ex showroom Delhi).


  1. RTR is the baap of all below 200 cc bikes. when you buy a RTR be assured that you are buying the lord of roads. when its engine starts RTR always says two sentenses “Scare to face me” & ” Dare to chase me”.

  2. New look is not that impressive. Specially the headlight, they could have introduced the so called DRL (Daytime Running Lights) in the old headlight instead.
    The tank scoops are even not that good looks like elephant years. I’m saying this coz I own the older ABS.

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    • madhav, i think u need to re-launch ur mind like new apache 160. no bike is better than apache in 150-180 cc segment.

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