Mahindra Two Wheelers has just opened its new research centre in Akurdi, Pune. The R&D centre will be the brain house for all future Mahindra two wheeler products. Mahindra also announced that an additional sum of Rs 500 crore will be pumped into the centre so that Mahindra can develop its own engine and design requirements. The R&D centre is the third biggest in India and hopefully will yield very competitive products, especially since Mahindra is the only India manufacturer actively participating in international motorsports.

“The new dedicated facility, home to over 175 engineers and designers, will enable us to harness the technology of the future to create tomorrow’s products. It will allow us to design in India for the discerning Indian consumer. The micro hybrid technology developed for the new Duro DZ is a clear validation of the value it offers the business,” said  Mr Anand Mahindra speaking at the inaugural function at Akurdi. He went on to say that they are targeting a revenue of Rs 20,000 crore by the year 2020 from all the design and engine developments that come from the R&D centre. The company also unveiled two brand new engines developed at the facility which includes an indigenously developed and tested 110 cc engine and a 300 cc liquid-cooled engine.


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