A rookie error of judgement cost Niccolņ Antonelli the chance to secure a top grid position today as qualifying practice for the Spanish Grand Prix took place in gradually changing wet to dry conditions at Jerez. The youngster paid the price for staying out on track with wet tyres instead of coming in to change to slicks, as the majority of his rivals did, and he will now have to try and recover positions in tomorrow’s race.

Niccolo’ Antonelli – (17th 2’ 00” 009)

“I don’t know what to say! We made a mistake, or to be honest I should say I made a mistake because I stayed out on wet tyres when I should have come in to change. I’m so disappointed. People are telling me it is all part of picking up experience but it doesn’t feel like that right now, I am so angry. I will try to make up for it tomorrow.”

Fausto Gresini

“A tough day. Unfortunately Niccolņ still doesn’t have the experience to cope with tricky situations like the weather we experienced this afternoon and he stayed out on wet tyres when he should have come in to change to slicks. These things happen when you are young and I feel sorry for him. I understand the mistake and it is all part of the process of gathering the experience that will serve him well in the future.”


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