We first saw the Moto Guzzi California almost two years ago and its been a long wait for an official word. The EICMA 2012 finally saw the manufacturer present two variants of the new California 1400, one for touring and the other a customizable one.

The primary attraction on this huge low slung cruiser is the 1380cc V-Twin engine a whole 229cc added by extending the stroke of the previous version. The new California 1400 now produces 96HP and a massive 120Nm of torque at 2750 RPM. To tame this insane low end torque the engine has been provided with three modes of operation, ‘Turismo’, ‘Veloce’ and ‘Bagnato’, one for touring, the other for acceleration and the last one for wet conditions. The touring version comes standard with touring panniers and an extra large wind shield and weighs a whopping 337 kilograms. The ‘Custom’ version weighs 300 kilograms and exposes the amount of detail that has gone into every inch of this Italian beauty.


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