Just a few days after the tragic death of Marco Simoncelli, thousands of fans launched a petition for the Misano World Circuit to be renamed as a tribute to the late rider. Following this request the Misano World Circuit announced in November 2011, that they would adopt the Simoncelli name for the track, and today in a brief press conference Dr. Trevi, president of Santamonica SpA (owners of the circuit) and the Simoncelli family, presented the new name and logo.

The circuit will now be known as “Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli“ and the new logo was created by Aldo Drudi. While the Italian designer couldn’t completely change the look of circuit’s name and logo for legal reasons, he did highlight the two red L’s – the red bands were also part of Sic’s AGV helmet that he designed – as a symbol of looking towards the future, where the two lines never never meet and continue to infinity.


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